Friday, May 04, 2007

friday 5/4/07

playing around with my blog layout and whatnot. don't know how well this is going.

our appaloosa, Legend, went to his new home today... he'll be well cared for! not bullied by the two Fjords either. he's such a good boy.

Dallas went to a friends house for the night to 'camp out'. what are 8 teenagers gonna do out in the woods? they say that it's a birthday party thing. kids.

Kim is feeling better, though she is sad today, for the very horse that threw her is now gone.

my dad's health continues to improve! have i mentioned that already? good! i love that!

my wife is the best! best friend! best wife! best mom! the bestest of the best! so beautiful! rrrr

i love my family. i love my job. i love spring and the great north! trees! wildlife! streams, rivers and lakes! great weather! great food! lot's of family stuff to do!

i'm ranting now aren't i? i need sleep. being on-call does that to ya. nuts.

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