Monday, May 28, 2007

a path off the beaten path

a path off the beaten path
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the past few days have been nothing short of amazing... at least from where i stand as a father, husband and well, ME! the interaction between two siblings is always amazing and the fact that i have two to watch 24/7 provides plenty of excitement and at time, heartbreak. this weekend provided both. i am amazed at my family and love them so much! they are so much fun! next weekend, Dallas and i will spend a couple of days in Elkhart Lake watching the superbike races! (step)father and son at the races. oh yeah. one day i hope to take him to the races to actually race, well, IN a race! whew!
anyway. i tend to go off on tangents. i'm watching the Star Wars programming on the History channel. good stuff!
what the heck did we do the past few days anyway? they all blur together! i was lazy. i got busy. i worked hard and i ate icecream as my reward. i watched part of the F1 race in Monaco and part of the Indy 500 too. missed the NASCAR race though completely! that didn't sadden me as much as the fact that i missed the SPEED GT race! now that the Trans Am series is not running, the GT and Touring races really get me! you know! those are exciting races to watch! kim and i got a chance to have dinner together alone again too! our plans for the house are finally moving forward. we purchased some roof caulk to patch some cracks and buy us time to save the money to replace the roof. we will be selling the two Fjords also as we are more involved w/the dogs and do not have the facilities or wherewithall to cope w/the horses anymore. kims last fall finally took its toll on us. i borrowed a reel mower to help start mowing the grass as our riding mower is still out of commision. i purchased and installed one of the drive belts on the deck but noticed that one of the fuel lines had cracked and was spewing fuel on every crank. oops! i'll fix THAT tomorrow. the push mower got quite the workout too today. we took a walk and we grilled food outside. we purchased a couple of chaise loungers for the outside and a small pool for Mei Mei. we then enjoyed those outside today as the temps were in the low 70's and sunny. a good book accompanied me and Kim clipped the poodles. now if only i could get to working on the Mustang! i did buy the 14 nuts that hold the headlamps in place though! it's a start, right?
i need to go to bed. it's almost 10 on Monday night. this week will be long even though it's a bit shorter! we'll be very busy at work, that's for sure! what a great weekend it's been though. no regrets. even our adopted Sharpei had a great time! he's so cute! love that old man.

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Michelle said...

love you guys so much! I need to read up on all the blogs, but wanted to drop in some love! will you be in KS this summer?