Wednesday, May 16, 2007

pretty flowers

Today, Wednesday, Mom and Louis came over and I took the day off. Thank you very much Christine! (she's my boss) I had a great day! Although Dallas was at school and could not come w/us, we all had a great day. They arrived last night and slept in their Freightliner RV. Funny that on Monday, the temps were hot at over 80 degrees fahrenheit! yuck! now that they are here, the daytime temps are hovering in the low 60's and very windy. mom and Louis were cold! our trip to Door county went great though and we all had a great time. our trip started here in Luxemburg and we headed due East to the historic town of Algoma, right on lake Michigan. we then travelled on the local roads alongside the lake to see as much as we could of the local scenery and take pictures. we ended up at the northernmost point of Door county, at the end of highway 42. we got out of the car and braved the elements to take some pictures and take in the sights. as we headed south, we then jumped on highway 57 to speed home and have lunch! we ended up at a Pizza Hut and enjoyed some cheese pizza and Sierra Mist soda. Mei Mei ate more than mom did though! so funny! see my pictures!
When we arrived home, mom and Kim started cooking for dinner and Louis and I fixed the roof of the barn. well, Louis fixed it and i watched and learned as a pro took over and made it look easy! amazing! where i would take a few whacks at the nails and bend them all to death, he drove them straight and true with minimal fuss. believe me when i tell you that i am very thankful! he gave me some very helpful tips about nails, roofs and windy conditions!
finally, we all met at the dinner table (Dallas had arrived from school by now) and ate some wonderful chicken and rice that mom had tought Kim to make. thanks mom! our previous experiments to make rice w/something in it turned out a little bland. Mom and Louis ended up leaving just before 7 to head back down towards the Chicago area where they will spend the night before continuing on to Michigan where their latest project awaits them.
I can't wait until dad takes his trip up here too! his plan is to come around in late summer and spend some time here w/us and w/his daughter Silvi in Michigan. i believe that he will drive the car that he is going to drop off for Silvs and the fly back down to O-Town. i certainly hope that he is in good enough health to undertake such a trip! he is out of the hospital cancer free but he needs to take some time to get his immune system bolstered up again! i'm very thankful that he was never a smoking and drinking kind of man! he used to drink tons of coffee though! now he is a vegetarian and better off for it too as his arthritis does not affect him like it used to when he ate red meat and drank caffeine. way to go dad! i'm right there behind you! i too have modified my diet and am benefitting from it already. whew!
like i said, i am very thankful that i had the day off today! i had an absolutely wonderful time. i am going to make some coffee for Kim and myself now and cuddleup w/her and just relax. i will be on-call for the next 5 days and won't be able to do much! perhaps i'll climb on the barn roof again to practice nailing things down more efficiently! it's almost time for Mei Mei to go to bed, Dallas to feed the outside animals and Kim to manage the inside gang. i'll prepare the coffee and finish cleaning the kitchen. what a great day this has been! i love it!

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