Monday, April 25, 2005


got a gift from a co-worker today! brought a tear or two! so cute. i am also trying to crop the referral photo that i have but i can't do it properly! it's a 5 meg file... any suggestions? why am i so emotional lately? it was a good day at work today - i love my crew! love my job! i guess that this whole adoption thing, being a year long trip, has taken its toll on me! what an emotional rollercoaster! we will be traveling half way around the world in just a few short days to pick up our daughter! i am just a little awestruck by the whole thing, ya know?

oh yes, we should close on the house this friday also... this coming weekend will be interesting to say the least! i just might need to start imbibing caffeine again! nah. pure adrenalin works better!

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