Thursday, April 28, 2005

Thursday 4-28-05

I'm tired! yesterday was a long day! where are those kittens? while packing stuff last night, i heard some loud meowing coming from the living room! i went to investigate and lo and behold our Egyptian Mao momma kitty had her litter of kittens! by the time that i put boxes down and made my way to her, she had rejected one so i picked it up and cuddled it for a while to warm it up as it was one cold little kitty! wife came shortly thereafter and found the electric warmer and placed it over my (buddha) belly to give kitty additional warmth. wife is so smart. it only took a few minutes under that blanket to really get the motor running! to have been a popsicle just minutes before to a feisty little kitty in 5 minutes flat was amazing! we gave him some kitty formula from a small slip-tip syringe and after about 1mL it was full! Buddha belly for the baby kitty! so cute... then we proceeded to reintroduce him to momma and kitty, now lively, latched firmly on to a teet and started eating dinner! Today they are all one big happy family. I'll post a picture later. i need to head to our meeting tonight!

This will be the last meeting that we have for the next two weeks as Kim, her mother, Dallas and myself are heading to China in just a few short days! Oh yes, we close on the property down south tomorrow also! I hear that it's nice! I love my wife so much!

I had to buy an additional water dispersal system for my baby chickens, ducks and geese! those darn ducks and geese just absolutely HOG the water trough! jeez! little pigs! the poor little chickens, which are absolutely dwarfed by these larger brethren, rarely get a chance at the water! the ducks and geese are kinda fond of it. they will need their own pond soon. the Bantam chickens are absolutely the cutest! miniature chickens. too funny.

How do i post an audio blog? Dallas is headed to Topeka tomorrow to sing at the capitol building with the Singing Irish Falcons! What a day that will be! they will be gone for the weekend. that leaves me alone with the wife! oh. yeah. we are moving this weekend. nevermind...

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