Sunday, April 24, 2005

so close now...

been thinkin today. my mother in-law will arrive this coming wednesday or thursday and she is going to chaperone dallas on his trip to topeka on friday. she is also going to go on our trip to china to help us out with all the unknowns. hmmm... contrary to popular belief, this is a good thing!

We will leave Wednesday, May 4 for Wichita where we will take a flight to Los Angeles (via Houston) and then it's off to Beijing!!! We'll be given a tour of the Great Wall, Tian An Men square and the Forbidden City. Seemingly hours later, we will fly to Guangzhou to settle in to the White Swan hotel to rest (yeah right - it's GOTCHA DAY today!). We will then go the Civil Affairs building to receive our children! Can you believe that we will be so lucky as to recieve our children on Mothers Day? That is so awesome! Wheeeweeee!

Monday, May 9th we will go again to the Civil Affairs Bureau to the the adoption registration and then to the notary public to do the paperwork. May 10th will be set aside for shopping for 'stuff' for our children and do some INS stuff. May 11th will be baby visa pictures, medical exams, sightseeing tour to Six Banyan Trees and we will pick up passports in the afternoon. May 12th will find us in the American Consulate to pick up some more documents and then we will embark on another tour. This time to the Chen Family Temple. I believe that this is where our children will be given a traditional blessing by the monks.

Saturday, May 14th marks the end of the tour. How depressing! I haven't even left yet! I just wish that we could stay longer. Perhaps that sentiment will change once the trip actually begins but for now, I'd love to stay and 'soak it all in' longer. We'll see.

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goodnight for now...


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