Saturday, April 30, 2005



yesterday was a huge emotional rollercoaster ride for me! we were very busy at work and i thought that i would not be able to make it to the closing of the house! we had several emergency cases and by 3 p.m. (the closing was scheduled for about 3:20) i called kim to tell her 'forget it'! i can't and won't make it! i was not about to leave my crew or the patients there in their time of need! i was very upset, to say the least. my coworkers sent me away though saying that everything was going fine and that they would be o.k. whew! i owe you, huh? at the signing, well, what a mess that was! our side seemed to have it all together. the other party? hmmm. very interesting. we got it done though and the property is officially ours! we will move out soon!

this morning i finally got to go to the property! the last time that i had gone, it was all brown with no leaves on the trees. i wasn't terribly impressed but Kim loved it! she sees things better than i do! (I usually have to see the dress on her before I can truly appreciate it!) Kim told me that the place had plenty of potential though and she was very excited about it. well let me tell you something folks! check out the pictures and make your own decision but today i absolutely fell for it! wait! we went to the property right after closing on it! how could i forget!? oh yes. i was just a little stressed yesterday... wow! the place has 'greened up' nicely! trees and wildlife are abundant! 60+ acres of pure fun! the landscape is awesome to me! Dallas and i can go play paintball all over the place! camping out back will never be the same! this is gonna be so much fun! there is a lot of work to do now! holy smokes.

the town of Mccracken has a pool, a golf course, a library, a nice little restaurant... some people have told me that it is a dirty town but i found it quaint. quite cute, actually. an anual rodeo is held there too! that should be interesting!

life is good

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