Sunday, April 24, 2005

We're moving! (our plate is full!)

During all of this, we are in the process of trying to close on a property that we can call our own. We currently live a few miles north of town but this property will be, what, 25 miles south? I haven't paced the distance yet! This does have a couple of drawbacks; we will now be living further away from the two families that are also adopting from China at the same time that we are and secondly, that I cannot stay at home during my week on-call due to the 20 minute rule. Doesn't our Policy state that we have 30 minutes? Hmmm... Yes, we are working in overdrive right now! Helping Dallas with his homework every night. Mowing and maintaining the current property regularly. Packing stuff. Cleaning stuff. Kim is working 8 hours minimum everyday for the past few weeks. I've been working 8+ hours also... Anything else? Life is good.

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