Saturday, April 30, 2005

The kitty made it!

The kitty made it!

I have got to remember to rename my pictures BEFORE i save them and/or publish them! all that this number tells you is that i have taken about 726 pictures with my camera! SO?

Anywhooo... This picture shows the white kitty that made it! He is in the foreground there resting after a long feeding and play session! It is hard to imagine that when I picked him up, he was so cold and limp! It's amazing what some TLC and warmth can do! There are six of these little buggers and they get LOUD when they are hungry and momma kitty isn't there! Three white and three leopard print kittens made a corner of the room their own. Of course, the electric blanket under them helps!

We will leave for China in just a few days and in the mean time, a friend of ours will take care of the place. I don't think that I will recognize all these babies when I return! The six kittens and the 30 or so chickens, ducks and geese will be much larger two weeks from now! I'll just take more pictures and post them on Flickr for all to peruse at will...

I love this stuff!

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