Tuesday, May 17, 2005


Because I am in pain! Because when I finally downloaded my camera files onto my computer and viewed my precious pictures, well, of the 400 taken, at least HALF are blurry!!!! AAAAAAAAAARGH!!! This is atrocious! Was it that I was shaking? Bad lighting? All of the above? This is absolutely disastrous! I want to do a 'slide show' for friends and family but what the heck are they gonna see? This stinks on a monumental scale. I am not happy. I suck at picture taking. No wait. I need a better, more expensive camera with image stabilization technology! That's it! Eureka! Let me tell Kim... (I return with a bruised arm) Anyway. We are not even 1/10 of the way into this moving thing and I hurt already. Luckily, I had Brendan lend an excellent and very welcome hand and truck! Please stand by for another call please! This is going to be a major undertaking! I am extremely thankful that I have another two weeks off as we are going to need all of that time, and then some. Our biological clocks have been reset! A little bit of work will do that to ya. Mei Mei on the other hand, is a little overwhelmed, we think so Kim will slow down some and spend more time with her in one place instead of toting her here and there, all over creation. Enough of that. The poor tike needs to settle down! I am hoarse. Tired. Sun tanned. (soon to be burned, I can tell) Happy. Let me upload a picture or two...

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Malissa said...

There always seems to be blurry pictures in the bunch. I always keep the ones that are blurry but I can still make out what it is of. I am always happy that I did later.
I got here from flickr and wanted to tell you that the link in your flickr profile is a dead link to a site at blogger.com, instead of at blogspot.com. I noticed it because I use blogger too.
And congratulations!