Monday, May 09, 2005

She smelled like rice!

Hi gang! I am now at a small shop (very hot, humid - sweaty!) in Shamian Island in Guangzhou! What a crazy ride this has been! Brush up on your Cantonese as this area speaks Cantonese! Long story. Mei Mei is everything that we thought she would be and then some. She is adorable, perfect, cute, curious, hungry, well behaved, in excellent health and finally our daughter! Well, almost. We just had her physical done and came out well, of course. She has a bit of a cough but no one is worried. We also have Omnicef which some caring person helped us out with and that is the first thing that we put her on. Where is the guaifenesin? I need an expectorant! Forgive me if my thougts wander but there is SO MUCH to tell! My last entry from Beijing was at an internet cafe where there were multiple rooms all filled with kids playing role playing games and what not, too cool. We have just been going and going and, well, you get the picture. Today, Le Mei smells like Jasmine, Kim tells me. I saw the Victory Hotel where some of you other folk will be staying and it looks awesome! This place is extremely crowded and busy all the time. Seen the National Geographic documentaries on China? Yup. You get the picture. We will go to Mei's orphanage on Wednesday! What day is it today? It is almost 5 P.M. Monday, 4:50A.M. Kansas time. I wonder what everyone back home is dreaming about right about now... We are going to have a feast tonight at a local restaurant! I've been eating just a bit more than usual! I've liked everything so far although I haven't had anything too exotic like pigeon, snake, etc. Perhaps later! I've tried other things from buffet lines that I could not tell what it was though. There are plants, trees and birds everywhere! Beijing and Guangzhou are very different. Beijing, being much further north is much cooler. Down here is subtropical - steamy! The amount of stores and trinkets everywhere is astounding. We've gone nuts snapping up silk clothing & shoes for Mei Mei, Jade items, well lot's of stuff. I like the crafts made from bamboo, bone, tusk, etc. Extremely intricate works of art abound everywhere. This has been such an awesome trip/experience. We will definitely do this again, perhaps to adopt an older child? A boy perhaps? Who knows.

Oh crap, i just lost my post! what the heck happened? How did i recover this much? uh oh. i had a whole lot more written than this...

I'll try to read any comments that anyone has posted to see if you have any questions but everything is in Chinese! I'll try to check my email too. We'll see. I'm gonna go now as I have totally lost my train of thought with this glitch. Gang, this has been absolutely wonderful. We have met many other families doing the same thing. Some from Kansas close by, some from Orlando, many interesting stories have been told but all of them positive so far. This has been absolutely great. We will be home soon

Love always

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the glovers said...

wow! this is soo much fun. how cool is it to be able to read this as you go. thanks for taking the time to post. i really appreciate it.

things are good here. i don't know if we'll get together tomorrow night or not. i think we probably will but will wait to talk with everyone else. we'll definitely talk about you guys, your blog, and can't wait to hear it all in first person. this is really cool.

we love you and look forward to you coming home. speaking of - when do you come home?