Wednesday, May 11, 2005

I'm in love with a new girl...

Yes, I can no longer deny it or keep it a secret! The whole world needs to know! This special girl that has taken my heart and soul by storm is the best thing that has happened to me since, well, Kim came into my life! This particular doll is very precious. She is perfect in every way! She smiles all the time, dances, crawls around everywhere, is into everything, talks and drools up a storm! She eats like there is no tomorrow also. She is Catarina Nicole Le Mei Morales! She prefers to be called 'Mei Mei' though! She tells me all the time! She can say 'mama' and I believe that she says 'mei mei' too! You have got to see her dancing! She just loves to clap her hands, bounce around, smile and talk her little baby talk that is so charming and endearing to me! She now has 4 teeth! (teething is no fun, she'll tell you!) All of the children have adjusted well to their families! We are all ecstatic and so in love with our children, very happy and satisfied indeed. We went to their orphanage yesterday and some families were apprehensive that the children would get upset or depressed or something when they saw their old and familiar environment but that was not the case! Take Mei Mei for instance, she was placed in a walker and she just laughed and took off! She was running over toes, toys and other children! They watched some t.v., listened to some childrens songs and then the nannies prepared some special congee for them which they absolutely scarfed up like there was no tomorrow! Congee is like a overcooked and watered down rice porridge thing. They love it! Yes, it needs to be very warm - hot really. So does the water they drink and the bottle of formula, it all needs to be pretty hot, you'd be surprised. We are having such a good time with this precious child! She is perfect! Everything that I thought that she would be and then some! I have so much to learn! My arms ache, my back hurts, my legs are sore... Who would've thought that a 17lb package could be so painful? Of course, if I handed her off more often, I could relieve some of the pain now, right? Yes, we have other ways of transporting her included a stroller that we bought locally (don't bring one!) but what fun is that? There is NO Wal-Mart here! We've asked and looked around extensively! We haven't looked extensively for the walmart, we've just gone walking and shopping everywhere! this has been so incredibly awesome that i just can't possibly explain it all! wait till we get home and give a slide show of the hundreds of pictures that we've taken and maybe THEN you can get an idea of what it's like! this has been a huge blessing to us! We can't wait to get home. For now I need to go as other families are waiting to write home too! Most shops have internet capabilities, it's just a matter of finding the time! We are all so busy all the time! We leave tomorrow, Friday. It is now 10:30 A.M. on Thursday, 9:30 P.M. Wedsday Kansas time. What a great experience! See you all later!

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