Saturday, May 07, 2005

Duibuqi! Sorry Gang! In Beijing now...

What a whirlwind! Unbelievable the events that have transpired so far! I will not be able to put it all down right now as I am short on time! I am in Beijing now and it is just past 6P.M. on Saturday. In less than 24 hours, we will have our daughter! We were told that by tomorrow at 3P.M. will be the ceremony in Guangzhoa. We leave Beijing tomorrow at 0700 and it will be a 2.5 hour flight back to Guangzhoa. Wow. We were in the air for about 25 hours total time. 4 flights. We almost missed one of those flights due to a 'disturbance' at the airport! There were some very angry people that were blocking the entrance to the terminal with some shouting and pushing going on. The locals could care less and just pushed past, if they could. We had no clue as to what was going on so we hung back until we saw a break on the corner of the hall and jumped the seats and cords that were blocking the way! Crazy stuff! Today we went sightseeing! We went to Tian' Anmen Square, which was huge by the way and then straight to the Forbidden City. Now THAT was an enormous place! The pictures that I took could not possibly capture the shear size and grandour of the place! Can you imagine what the place looked like when there weren't millions of people passing through the place? I was just in awe of the place and we could only see a small fraction of the palace. I really have no idea how many pictures I have taken so far, perhaps close to 200 and one battery swap. We then proceeded to eat at a nice restaurant/shopping center where we proceeded to stuff ourselves with the local fare. Mmmmmm... So good! Great food, great beer (tasted like sparkling apple juice!) and great company. We are travelling now with the 10 families that are adopting even though not all of them will be adopting from Qujiang SWI. It's a great group. Anywayz! After the stuffing, we were taken to the Great Wall which we tried to climb to the highes part but I seriously doubt that anyone made it! It is STEEP!!! Big steps and little steps make for a difficult climb. It's been super windy also so lot's of trash, dust and whatnot were obscuring the vista. It's also a little overcast and makes for tough picture taking. Beijing is incredibly large and crowded! Tons of people and animals everywhere! No traffic etiquette! What a wild ride! It's good to have a tour guide! We could've used the tour guide when we were at the airport in Guangzhoa though! That was such a mess. A ticket attendant even took our tickets and we didn't even know that we were missing our tickets! How could that happen? We were travelling at that point with some other American people that were adopting Asian children too so we swapped all manner of stories. This has been an incredible experience so far like you cannot imagine. We will def. be doing this again. I am very tired but very excited. I am going to get a massage now, go to the heated pool and have a big dinner. Yes I am. Tomorrow we wake up early! It is THE DAY!!! Gonna run for now... Love you all!

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the glovers said...

hey! i'm in denver right now - it's mother's day here and you've been with mei mei for at least half a day by now. amazing!! amy and i are sooo happy for you. we are praying. thanks for posting and keeping us in the loop.

much love.

jake, amy, and isaac