Tuesday, May 17, 2005

little girl Wonder

i love this girl more and more each day! how is that possible? she is SO darn cute! her and her little mellon head, her little feet, little hands, little butt, little ears, little everything! how cute is that? she is such a good little girl! definitely mommies girl though... she is easy to change her diapers, easy to give a bath (loves it!) but def. NOT easy to feed! Not easy to put to bed either! fights them both for awhile before she gives in to her basic needs. too funny! i love the facial contortions that she does when she is complaining! she is very vocal about it too! what was that, Mei Mei? ma ma? oh no! she isn't saving you either! in fact, little girl Wonder, ma ma is much better at this than i am! she makes it look easy! little girl Wonder loves to look around at her surroundings in utter amazement. get her close to something and it will magically appear in her bitty little fingers and almost just as quickly, pop it in her mouth. i thought that i was pretty observant but not observant enough for the little mellon head! she's fast! i am in such trouble here! what a wonderful daughter we have! i absolutely love our little precious daughter. listen to her talk! too cute! everything but The Atomic Diapers are cute! My little girl Wonder...

We keep on moving stuff today also. Some of the horses and cats are over and today we will work on painting and moving birds! This should prove to be very interesting. We took a nap yesterday while working at the house as we are still not used to being back in Central Standard Time! Sheesh. We all slept better last night though! Even Mei Mei slept most of the night! I need to wake up Dallas though. Lazy bum! He'll go back to school tomorrow for the few remaining days to hang out with his friends and tell them all about his adventures. Time to post some pictures, huh? I'm working on getting them on Flickr and a few choice ones here so please stand by and check back later! It's good to be back!

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