Sunday, July 17, 2005

The Cakes Walketh!!!

So I am told! Mei Mei has officially started walking yesterday! For the past two weeks or so, Cakes has 'walked' between two people, more like a controlled forward walk/fall thing. She always wants to hold on to two fingers and then one finger to walk. Kim also bought a small walker/car thing for her to push and walk with. She loves to walk behind our Rainbow vacuum cleaner or her high chair or even a plastic cloths bin across the linoleum. Yesterday she broke through though and walked on her own. How awesome is that? Dallas said that she took about three steps in the kitchen, realized what she was doing and sat down. A little later though, she walked around the living room without holding on to anything! I wish that I would've been there! Dallas, the ever helpful older brother always pushes her to walk as much as possible and it is paying off! I'm afraid that he will have a permanent hump on his back as a result though! That child is getting way too tall. He will turn out to be the tall, hulking, muscle bound good looking older brother whom will look over and watch out for his petite, svelte, good looking younger sister. Future boyfriends beware! This will be great.


:) said...

haha every little girl needs a big brother to look out for her. I had two and I'm still 'without boyfriend'. Oh dear! :) Congrats on the walkin' girl!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday really late. I haven't checked up on the family in a while. Sounds like all the pretty things will for sure have to be moved up high to avoid little hands. You better go buy that girl so stylin Dora shoes.