Sunday, July 31, 2005

Leaf, you will be sorely missed!

Leaf, our friend, mentor, teacher and all around great gal, is leaving for China pretty soon... She has finished her thesis and will turn it in this week. There are a few steps that need to happen before it is all finalized but it is as good as done. Jake and Amy are about to embark on their journey and Leaf will probably be gone when they arrive... I have a great sadness weighing down on me for it. Joy will be here soon though! Leaf will get updates and pictures, for sure! We love you!


:) said...

yayyyy Leaf!

Leaf said...

Yes, I surely will miss everyone too! Addtionally, I will miss our Tuesday night (I don't know what should I do on Tuesday night when I go back to China); I wil miss Rodeos (Go, wild mid-west!); I wil miss steaks (Especially KS steaks,Yummy!); I have started to miss every minute we were together (I cannot help ....) Love all of you!