Monday, July 04, 2005

Mei Mei's first concert!

What a busy weekend she's had! Holidays are great! We missed the World Classic Rockers yesterday but caught Blackhawk tonight and Mei Mei absolutely loved it! She stayed up until well after we had put her in the van, in her seat firmly strapped in and headed home (11:15P.M.)! She was bouncin', swayin', laughin' and a jigglin' all night long! She was a hit among those around her! She is such a happy baby, full of life. What's not to love? Let's see how she does fireworks tomorrow! She even had icecream tonight (bad mommy!), loved it too... Dallas and I didn't get to duke it out on the paintball field though! We had the cash, man, we had the cash! To no avail as they had packed out of there early. Wusses. Sorry Big D! Maybe next time. Anyone watching NASA and the DEEP IMPACT mission? Check 'em out at for the details! This is awesome! I hope it works! I'm headed there now... Good night all!

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:) said...

yay for such a happy baby- glad she enjoyed the concert so much! She'll be a great lil' ballerina!