Monday, July 04, 2005

What a day! No pictures though...

Kim was called to work this morning at 0800 though she was scheduled to go at noon. I should've pulled the camera out last night! Idiot... Anywayz! Mei Mei, Dallas and I had a fine day! (Kim is still at work) I cleaned the house somewhat, played with Mei Mei most of the time, fed her, changed her and put her to bed. I wanted to take her to see the fireworks in Hays but I didn't know where my keys were! Too late we discovered them in a box just by where I had left the keys last night! Mei Mei did it! So we brought out the fireworks that I bought and lit them all off in a space of about 5 glorious minutes! I positioned Catarina so that she could view ours as well as those that were going off in McCracken by the townsfolk too! She loved it! She had a big smile, ate Cheerios and swayed to and fro! One of my dogs got lost until a few minutes ago... Sorry girl! Shoulda put you in the basement. I wish that I could've taken some pictures of Catarina's first 4th of July holiday! What a weekend! Next week? Rodeo! Party at my place! THAT should be interesting! Stay tuned!

Oh yes, there is more. Dallas went to the local pool for a few hours, you should see his tan! That is one dark boy. He looks like a local from California! He's a fish, says gramma and I believe it! A friend of Dallas' came by with her mom and asked if they could put their calf in our corral and I acquiesced but the darn thing would stay in the pen! Baby cows can get out of almost anything! So they, after a few hours work, had to move the cow again to another place. We tried! Kim is in charge of next years McCracken Trail Ride! We are also helping at the rodeo this Thursday night! This place is fun! We've met a bunch of the residents here including the dude that owns the water works (he also rented this property for his cattle), the sheriff, a lawyer and others that are involved in this and that and have asked for our help. Yup. Why not. Did I miss anything? Probably. Good night though. Tomorrow I head back to work!

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:) said...

exciting stuff- you are officially McCracken town folk! So glad Catarina had a great fourth... with many more to come!