Sunday, July 10, 2005

Rodeo Day and Birthday Bash!

Rodeo Day and Birthday Bash!
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What an awesome day! It could not have gone any better! Thanks to all who came! They came, they saw AND some even rode the horse! What a day... If only I could upload all of the pictures and video clips that I took! I just HAVE to document everything that Mei Mei does (or says!). She is absolutely the cutest and best baby that I have ever seen! Not that I am biased or anything! I have the best kids in the world! I am so lucky/blessed!

I got up very late today! Actually, Dallas and Mei Mei came and woke me up around 11 in the morning! Hello! Loved the wake up call kids! Lounged around for a bit, watched Mei Mei do her thing, cleaned up in anticipation of the soon to arrive guests and read some also. So far so good. Jake and the gang soon arrived and we all migrated outside to do some show and tell as they hadn't seen our farm yet! Kim then saddled up Legend and took most of our guests on a ride. Leaf made it look like she'd been on a horse before! Easy, huh? They all had a good time. Time to eat! There was so much food! It was all great! Slowly we then headed over to the rodeo grounds to mingle and watch the festivities. We missed the kids mutton bustin show though! Kids and sheep... Too funny. My only complaint about the whole event was that 1) it was dusty and 2) the lady beside me kept complaining about not being able to see. She would yell at whoever was standing at the fence to sit or get away. "Oh no. This

isn't gonna work" she would say. What a bitch she was! It didn't help that her two friends would egg her on. Almost ruined my party! We watched calf and steer roping with both men and women and teams. Bronco and bull riding also. Crazy cowboys. Only one kid got stomped on hard though and he turned out O.K. They are one tough bunch. I have a coworker whose brother rides the KPRA rodeo circuit too. I wish that I could've recognized him. Anyway, we all left close to 11P.M. but Mei Mei and Isaac weren't about to go to sleep any time soon though! They just kept on playing after we got home. I hope they sleep till noon! We all had a wonderful time. It was an excellent day! Thank you all for making it great!

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yay for a fun, long day! You guys are too fun!