Monday, July 04, 2005


So the DEEPIMPACT mission was a success early this morning! I would've posted then but I was exhausted! The pictures are incredible! I couldn't log on to the NASA website, I'll try that again now but on the NASA channel, I was watching live and that is the best way to see it! Imagine a satellite intercepting and actually hitting a comet millions of miles away! How awesome is that? The satellite was a two part deal with one part detaching an "impactor" and the other in position to document the event from afar. It went off like a charm! That is incredibly cool! You should see the pictures! Actual pictures of a comet close up! I love astronomy!

Mei Mei woke up this morning around 0530 screaming! Inconsolable! What happened? I couldn't do much but mommy sure did! She is so great! Unfortunately, Kim works today from noon to midnight but was called in at 0800... Unbelievable.

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