Saturday, July 09, 2005

Tight jeans everywhere!

Do you like cowboys and cowgirls? Well, maybe not YOU but a rodeo is the place to see lots of young cowpokes doin' their thing! Kim and I helped with vending for a couple hours and had a good time doing that. We went on a short ride with Isa and the cart around McCracken and the rodeo grounds mid afternoon and that was very pleasurable as the weather was perfect! I love this lack of humidity thing! I didn't get any pictures tonight but I will tomorrow. Mei Mei and Dallas were having a grand time! Singin' and dancin' to the tunes! What fun! Gotta go to bed. I'll have some icecream, read a book, unwind and hopefully fall asleep in an hour or two... It's my birthday today! It'll be a great day!

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:) said...

happy late bday- what a fun weekend! So sad to miss it