Thursday, August 04, 2005

it has begun!

anyone know of a good place to work that pays what i have been receiving? in hays? nearby? in any case, i have already made phone calls and started networking among the physicians in the area as to where to go and to get reference letters... i have also filed for unemployment! WHAT? me? unemployed? still hasn't sunk in... something is not quite right. funny how you think that the physician is responsible for what he does at the table but not, he is an MD and i am but a peon. i am the fall guy. hmmm... this is putrid. i actually filed for unemployment! can you believe that? even that will take two weeks or so to go through though! it is scary. in the letter of confirmation online, i was informed that the state still has to contact my employer for more information. WHAT? how is that gonna go? now my life is full of uncertainty and yet full of choices. where else can i call? where can i go? what can i do? be a drug or device rep? travel again? relocate? i really don't want to relocate! what we have going here in hays is good! but with no income, what is a man to do? this just might be a blessing in diguise. what would michelle, jake and amy say? brendan and january? good people all of them. i really don't want to leave here any time soon. baby joy is coming soon! the circle will be complete! these kids should get to KNOW each other! how depressing.

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:) said...

whatever journey you're on, we're in it together! blessings are funny, who knows what will come out of this (the rainbow after the storm thing... maybe it'll be a double arc!) *hugs* to your sweet family-