Thursday, August 04, 2005

no crawling, all walking

so i didn't get any pictures or video of Mei Mei walking around but it was only a few days ago that she was partially walking and mostly still crawling around! how awesome is that! you should see her heavenly little angelic face! all smiles and coos and talking up a storm! what a riot! i almost cried! to see this tiny little precious baby tottering around just made me turn to mush. i couldn't believe it! Dallas was all hugs today, very cuddly. i think that the two of us will hang out for the weekend or something like that. catch a movie. camp out back in the woods and listen to the turkey and coyote, stare at the stars... i like the sound of that! it is in the 70's again! crazy weather!

stay tuned for further developments! everything is unpredictable now...


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:) said...

oooh! Wasn't it just BEAUTIFUL today? I want to sleep outside but no stars tonight- only clouds :( That sweet little girl is just a gem... :) yay!