Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Wednesday 8-2-05

Only Wednesday? It seems like it should be further along the week than that! Yesterday was a long day at work because of negative attitude and today was long for inactivity... I pulled a 4 (6?) horse trailer today and found it easy to do! I hate bumper pull trailers but this new one that my father in law bought is a pleasure to use. One of our horses, Legend, somehow pealed his knee off so Kim took him to the vet and we brought him to Johns' place today to recover and receive plenty of tlc. jake and amy are finally on their way to China! what a trip that will be! i hope that it goes well for them... we are all already holding our collective breaths for their return! baby Colleen is a riot, cute as ever and giving her parents a heck of a time! what fun! Mei Mei is having fits of anger or something lately! i ought to catch THOSE facial expressions on film someday! is she teething again? no, two more top row teeth just poked through recently! is she frustrated because she can't walk any faster? is her world suddenly too small for her? what a total crack-up! Kim's sister (and family, of course) is finally headed back state-side after 4 years of living in Japan! Woohooo! three kids in tow, one of whom was born in Japan... how are they going to adjust to life here in bazine? i think that it's great but will they? i certainly hope so. this is gonna be fun! can't wait for them to arrive in the next few weeks! speaking of next few weeks! school will start again! yes! Dallas absolutely needs to get back on track and out of the house for 8 hours! the fact that i leave every third week hasn't helped him out at all. sorry Dallas, i love you too and miss ya but this is the price we pay for home ownership but with a 20 minute response time at the cath lab. shit my beeper went off... gotta run


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:) said...

ohhh! Cannot wait until "china" group is 'complete' (minus one: our leaf :( )