Saturday, August 13, 2005

Saturday 8-13-05

Kim and I celebrate our 5 year anniversary today! Yay! The 16th marks Kims birthday! What a crazy month this has been! Mei Mei started walking in earnest, I get fired, we celebrate two wonderful events, school starts... wow. craziness. what i wanted to say is that Mei Mei has started imitating us. on the phone! she loves to grab remotes and phones and walk around with them but now she is putting the phone to her left cheek and 'listening'! it's the cutest thing! what else has she done? hmmm... oh yes. climbing. walking is old so now she has to try and climb on to everything! how quickly children learn and grow! i think that she will graduate from college by the time that most of us dolts graduate high school! more power to her.


:) said...

congrats on the anniversary! Love you guys- cannot wait to see you again!

:) said...

??? What's all this jazz about Wisconsin? You're not MOVING, are you?