Sunday, August 21, 2005

Mei Mei goes to town

Kim has been out most of the day driving her horses, mainly with her dad. The third time back to the house though, she picked up her mother and of course, Mei Mei got to go! Does she look upset? Nope! She loves this kind of activity! Definitely an outdoor kind of gal! What fun! Mei Mei is growing up fast! Now she is whipping her head side to side in some funny way. Perhaps brother is teaching her? She is throwing tantrums, which are hilarious. now when i change her diaper, she wiggles her hips side to side for a little while. freedom! she isn't sleeping the same anymore. the first few hours she gets up and fusses for awhile i don't know why. i breaks my heart when i hear her cry and she is truly upset. you can tell when her 'cry' is just for attention or out of boredom but when she is hurting deep down, her cry kills me. she is incosolable for awhile and daddy can't fix it. i love this girl so much! Dallas just came in from the McCracken pool... all wet. thanx Dallas! he comes in sounding like a horse! what the heck is that? then he bounds straight into the shower. crazy kid! he cleaned his room really well this morning before heading out to the pool too! he is very, no, extremely excited to start school this week! jeez! good for him. new shoes, new clothes and new friends. oh too be 12 again... nah.

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