Friday, August 26, 2005

it's sooo good to be home!

what a ride! what a trip! wonderful and beautiful but i gotta tell ya... i miss it here in kansas! yes, there are good and bad things everywhere but i thought that i had found my piece of paradise! why do we have to leave? perhaps as kim said, we were brought to hays to bring us together as a family and to therefore adopt Mei Mei but now we move on to the next step in our lives. perhaps. but what of our relationship with the glovers? with brendan and january? i thought that our daughters and sons would grow up together and we would all benefit from it! we would learn spanish and mandarin chinese! what now? time will tell and i know that all will be well but nevertheless... a sense of melancholy creeps up on me and yet a sense of excitement and elation are there too! new careers! new adventures! beautiful surroundings! tons of things to see and do! lots of good schools and churches everywhere! The Green Bay Packers! what fun! yes, i do believe that we will be fine and perhaps this has all been preordained in the grand scheme of things but we will still miss you here in hays. my cath lab coworkers were awesome and taught me a lot! thanks gang. even Grumpy taught me a thing or two! what else? there is so much to say! i need to unpack and settle in though! this will be a very busy weekend! i'm gonna win the spectacular summer sweepstakes! sunday is Joy's party! there is a lot of packing and unpacking to do here at home! I need to give my pointer away to a good home too. she is two and points naturally. loves to be with her people! such a good dog... a little spoiled and neurotic by spending time with Kimber but she found a new home too. know of anyone that wants a free pointer? let me know.


:) said...

SO glad you are home and had such a grand trip... it will be a joy sharing in your life from so far away, as well! Love you guys- best of luck and let me know if you need help!

:) said...

p.s. those pics are phenomenal! Love them all