Saturday, June 04, 2005

I had some Mei Mei cake today!

First time ever folks! First annual Mei Mei party was a success today! A big thanks to all who came and participated in our little shindig thingamajig. The weather was perfect and the company was great, what can I say? We all had a good time. Oh yes, the food was excellent too! Jake Grillmaster did the honors, I believe. Mmmmmm. Mei Mei even got Mei Mei cake on her shoes! How did THAT happen? Finally she got some on her hands, which is where all babies are supposed to get it first, right? Didn't like the cake though! Loved all the other foods that were around including pickles but not the mei mei cake... Weird. This little girl is extremely active! It's been a few days since I last saw her (I stay in Hays when on-call, remember?) and I swear that she got a tiny bit bigger and just a tad more active! Yikes! Skipping a day or two in this childs life is missing a lot! We had so much fun. Again, thank you to all who came by! Later, EVERONE left, leaving me alone with Kim and Mei Mei... Mmmm... That was heaven! To spend some quality time alone with the two most beautiful, wonderful women in the world was just plain awesome! What a day I've had! It's the Yin and Yang of things. Bad one day? Don't worry! It'll be better the next! I am happy.

Good Night for now though! Wan an!

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