Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Tuesday 6-7-05

Yahoooooo! or, Wooohoooo! I am ONLINE from my own home!!!! AND CONNECTING AT A BLAZING 46.6!!! Yeah baby! livin' the life now! Kim hooked us up with DSL though to be connected soon! I'm livin large... whatever

You know, I love coming home! It may be a half an hour drive but it is nice. Until I get behind that dude going 10-15mph SLOWER than the speed limit! What is up with that? Puhleez people! It was nice and toasty today, about 100F by some accounts. It just might be a hot summer, what do you think?

Dallas, Mei Mei and I are alone! Kim went off to train some Halflings (I fear for her everytime she goes out to train horses!) so I get daddy duty! Dallas is a huge help too, I might add! I love it! You should hear this baby's voice... So sweet and melodious! How cute can a baby be? Life is good.

I'm going to burn some picture CD's of my trip! I've never done that either so wish me luck. Those of you who want one, email me! I am sending out about 10 of them initially to family. It is a 400 picture file. Could've been bigger! Much bigger. Perhaps next time that we go, I will do better and the weather will cooperate! Yes folks, we are adopting another baby in two years time. Please stay tuned.

Gonna go finish my errands/chores... Goodnight gang.

Oh yes, January and Brendan have now left for their trip to China to bring back baby Coleen! Yeah! They have no idea what they are up for! It is a trip of a lifetime, let me tell you. They will be gone for a little longer than we were... Hope they can make it! It's exhausting! So very much worth it though. Next up? Jake and Amy! Wow.

O.K. G'night all...

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