Sunday, June 19, 2005

I'll go if YOU go first!

I'll go if YOU go first!
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Mei Mei LOVES to be outdoors! She is constantly on the go! She is talking more, eating more, sleeping well... I love it! What a blessing! What a wonderful child! You gotta see her play with everything! She just lights up when Dallas comes around! He just makes her laugh and laugh! She has an incredible smile! All four teeth showing! We went to eat tonight at the local restaurant, excellent by the way, and again, she had mashed potatoes, bread, watermellon, a bit of fish from brother, baby fruit puffs, 6 oz of formula and some beets. Goodness! Yes, it'll be MY job tomorrow to change her diaper! This will be very interesting!

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:) said...

what a good eater! She just eats and eats and eats... where does it all go in that tiny body? Oh right... that's daddy's job! :) How exciting!