Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Mei Mei turns ONE this Sunday!

Hey gang! Catarina Nicole Le Mei Morales will turn the big ONE OH this Sunday! Can you believe it? Party will be at Jake & Amy's place this Saturday! Bring your kids! Bring pictures! Bring stories! This will be the first annual Baby Fest! What fun! I can't wait! Did I mention that I am proud to be a new dad? Dallas is almost 13 and as tall as I am... Unbelievable. Gotta quit feeding him so much! He is very handsome. Mei Mei will be Miss Universe one day or perhaps the first female U.S. President! Famous musician maybe? Our children can do anything! What do you think? What are YOUR kids gonna be some day? Astronauts? Politicians? Veterinarians? Maybe they will save the world or manatees or something noble, who knows? How awesome is that? Me? I am content working as a peon in cardiology, being a husband and dad. Not known world wide but loved by my family. That is important to me. I happen to have a very wonderful family! Very good looking too, may I add.

So when I finally have long distance service at home and my computer back up and running, I'll catch up on world events and/or call my friends and family. For now, I must do these things from other peoples' homes, cellphones, computers and credit cards... Just kidding. We are still very busy at home! We have to paint the exterior now or have our insurance cancelled. Huh? Good grief. Our cellphones have shoddy reception out in McCracken and as of yet, no long distance service from the house. Hmmm... Life is good. My sincere thanks to those families which are hosting me when I am on-call and have to be in town! What an honor for me... Thank you so much.

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Laura L. said...

I am so happy for you!! She is beautiful and an angel from above. Just wait Nixy if she is one on Sunday then by two you get to potty train!?! How do you say that in