Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Mei Mei got shot today!

Well, went to the doctor's to get a checkup really! She recieved 4, yes, FOUR injections! Two nurses on either side shot 'er up! Double teamed her! Gramma had to leave... She now weighs 18.4 pounds! Heck, she eats everything in sight! She is now also almost 30" in length. Enfamil Lipid w/Iron works great, huh? As do mashed potatoes, rice, corn, cereal, mom's food, big brother's food and daddies food too. You should see this little eating machine! She cracks me up! She will not lay or sit still anymore either. Constantly on the go and curious about everything! I love it! Taking her outside is the best! What a great child! What a wonderful baby! I have a great family!

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:) said...

I agree, the family is wonderful! Is she walking yet??? Getting closer every day I am sure! See ya soon!